Selasa, 07 Juni 2016

How to use HJSplit to merge video files.

How to use HJSplit to merge video files. When pal Free download movies usually file it will separate into several parts part1, part2, etc. Nahh, to be able to see the video we should merge the files into one. Then, how to combine the video files? The answer is HJSplit.

If the usual download may be able and know what it HJSplit. HJSplit is an application used to merge or split the video file relatively large size of his. And here I explain how to merge video files to be watched.

For my friend who has not had apliakasi HJSplitnya please download here, Download HJSplit

Here's How to merge video files Using HJSplit
1. After pal download, please my friend open the file. Which need not be installed because it is portable. Then will come the zoom as follows.

2. Before the merge, make sure the video file (001, 002, etc.) have been collected in the same folder.
3. Click Join! And will appear as below.

4. Press the Input File to insert files.
5. Select the file you want to join. Remember, my friend must collect all the parts of the video files in a single folder. Select part1 or 001, because that appears only unity file. HJSplit will automatically enter another file.

6. There, there is also a selection of outputs, namely a video that has been merged will be saved. If the default file merge result will be the same as 001 files are located.
7. Lastly Click Start. Wait until HJSplit finished merge.

Once completed please check the output results, videos ready to be watched. Eh pal? Okay, good luck, ..